Titilope Macfadden-Laja’s Intriguing Parenting Journey

My Parenting Journey I am Titilope Macfadden-Laja, I’m a medical doctor with a 4years plus son who is very strong willed, fun filled and highly active. 📌My parenting journey started as a busy doctor on posted to the paediatrics unit of the hospital.😅😅I resumed back to work when my son was barely three months. My mother-in law (God bless her) and my son had to move in to the hospital with me where we spent most weekends and virtually all public holidays, so I barely had time for him. It improved though as I progressed in my career, but I […]

My Montessori Experience

During my undergraduate program, I had so many burning questions and hypothesis about child psychology, behavior, development and our educational system.☺☺☺😌 Intuitively, I knew something wasn’t right, it was then I got inspired to develop my own curriculum and methodology that would be- natural, effective, pleasurable and can raise life long learners. Fast forward, a little after my NYSC my friend who just concluded her training introduced me to the Maria Montessori system of education. While, i glanced through her notes and books, I had lots of Aha moments 😎and answers to some of my nursed hypothesis. So I put […]


This beautiful lady reached out to me early this year based on someone’s recommendation. She was quite overwhelmed about parenting then but super confident now. We got to the root of the problem and I recommended the “Creating an atmosphere for learning at home course. Here is what she has to say…. Zee Obi, thank you so much for the coaching you have given me. Your style and Method is very effective. Zee is extremely passionate about helping parents in maximizing their children’s potentials. She has helped me to stay focused on the advantages instead of the difficulties… She is […]


Angela is an amazing teacher, who wanted to do more for her family. Hear what she has to say, Meeting Zee is one of the best things that happened to me this year both personally and in my parenting skill. When I decided to go for the course “Creating an Atmosphere for learning at home” with Zee, I wasn’t sure of my decision but i can boldly say I was blessed and very happy I didn’t miss out on the course. Before the course, I was parenting on default setting, but after the course it has been intentional. I also […]


I was a bit confused on what and how to engage my kids at home. I must say that Zee was born to do what she does because she is passionate. I really don’t know how she’s able to follow up with many of her clients and keeping her own home front. I have no favourite part because I enjoyed every experience 😉 Now I know how to channel my children’s idle time to learning and my kids are loving it. I recommend Zee, because when you learn from people like her who have drive, passion, determination, goal driven for […]


My Name is Idala OGUFERE, Mom Of 4 & A Fitness Coach. Before I took up Zee Obi’s course, I struggled with organizing the children’s fun time and ensuring that they play and learn at the same time. My encounter with her courses has made it well defined, I’m consciously involved in getting more books for them and making sure have fun playing while also using every opportunity to teach them something. My children carry books everywhere, they’re fascinated by learning expressing themselves in the own way She’s committed to teaching parents the best way to engage the children and […]

Lesson My Son Taught Me on Perseverance

I had a jolly phonics Dvd which I haven’t played for about 3 years. I stumbled on it last week and played it but it didn’t play. So yesterday my six year old wanted to watch it Him: mom can I play jolly phonic CD Mom: No, its faulty. Him: but let me just try it. Mom:No Him: pleaseeeeeeeee Mom: OK He tried several times and the DVD player kept ejecting the DVD. Interestingly, this boy didn’t give up. I told him to play something else. He said no, mom. Don’t worry, I will still try. Suddenly after this statement. […]