Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

About Me


Zee Obi is an experienced early childhood educator, a parent coach with passion for raising exceptional children through partnerships with parents, schools, NGOs and the government; she inspires and equips them with tools, strategies & skills for maximizing children’s potentials in the 21st century &beyond.

Zee Obi has been known to share amazing content on intentional parenting, natural learning principles and heralding the home-schooling movement in Nigeria as an option to parents and not a replacement to formal schooling.

She is the founder of the Home Educator’s Network where she spent significant time working with parents and educators through free and paid programs. Her approach to education is largely inspired by natural learning & brain education techniques: she believes learning should be pleasurable and that is largely reflected in her home-school.

Zee Obi has spent the last 10 years learning about brain education, child psychology, early childhood education, and unconventional curriculums that prepare children for the future and currently she applies this knowledge in her home-schooling activities, Think & Create kid’s platform, parent coaching and educational consulting. She is a trained Montessori educator and certified Accelerated Christian educator.

She lives in Nigeria with her husband and three sons.