Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

Its Teddies dedication day.

Creating memories with the children would ease of a lot of tension in your parenting and you will get to know them and bond with them.

I put some of their old clothes in a box and invited my children to dress their teddies for Teddy dedication/naming ceremony. They do pretend plays by themselves but I decided to get involved and put a theme around it, in order to maximize that learning opportunity.

It was such a exciting time. They changed clothes about 3 times backed them and front carried them.
fed them, played with them.

Someone might have issues with boys doing this. The truth is they are only imitating. They see that their dad is actively involved in their lives. Datz all😀

They named them.
The six year old name his teddy
Prosper, grateful, Asinachuwku(his created name)

Then the 3yearvold named his teddy asina,faithful and David. Hmmm

The 2 year old named his teddy
Daddy, daddi and daddy.

So interesting. There was praise and worship, offering taking….suggested by them.

Let me share more ideas.

🌻night wear/pyjamas dress up
🏝dress up for the beach
🏡dress up for school
🎉dress up for a party
🏛dress up for work

⛷️dress up for skiing

🎅dress up Christmas

By Zee Obi

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