Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

I had a jolly phonics Dvd which I haven’t played for about 3 years. I stumbled on it last week and played it but it didn’t play.

So yesterday my six year old wanted to watch it

Him: mom can I play jolly phonic CD
Mom: No, its faulty.
Him: but let me just try it.
Him: pleaseeeeeeeee
Mom: OK

He tried several times and the DVD player kept ejecting the DVD.

Interestingly, this boy didn’t give up. I told him to play something else. He said no, mom.
Don’t worry, I will still try.

Suddenly after this statement. The DVD played.

Ha!(I was so surprised)

My son turned to me and said, smiling….
“Mommy, always believe in God!!!!”

I smiled.

What a determination! I am inspired.

By Zee Obi

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