Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

During my undergraduate program, I had so many burning questions and hypothesis about child psychology, behavior, development and our educational system.☺☺☺😌

Intuitively, I knew something wasn’t right, it was then I got inspired to develop my own curriculum and methodology that would be- natural, effective, pleasurable and can raise life long learners.

Fast forward, a little after my NYSC my friend who just concluded her training introduced me to the Maria Montessori system of education. While, i glanced through her notes and books, I had lots of Aha moments 😎and answers to some of my nursed hypothesis.

So I put my curriculum on suspension. 😀 I was so excited there was already something this good in existence.

As I began raising and teaching my children, here are some ways I applied the Montessori philosophy into our home.

🌹 I exposed my children to lots of sensory stimulation for example I played lots of classical music.

Also understanding the absorbent nature of their mind, I tried to give my children very rich sensory experiences
We go for nature walks, listen to different music genre, I encouraged water and sand play, we also read aloud alot…

🌹Using practical life activities, has developed so much independence in my children. I let my children do age appropriate chores as soon as they show readiness.

🌹Following the child’s lead. My favorite.
I have grown so much because of this. My children have taught me a lot because I decided to follow their lead within reasonable boundaries.

🌹Respecting the child
I realised I hardly use phrases like. “That’s your elder, so respect them.”

But I grew up with this.

Montessori, emphasizes the fact that children should be respected too.
So I tell my children don’t do that because everyone deserves respect.

🌹Prepared environment:
I try to organize my home in a way, my children can easily reach for things.
I also arrange activities before they wake up.

And so much more…

Thanks so much for having me.

By Zee Obi

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