Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

Parenting can be a roller coaster every time. It always seems there is absolutely no time to take a pause.

This often makes you feel inadequate or seem ineffective. The pauses are necessary for appraisal and strategy.

Worrying never gets anything done yet it consumes a lot of energy.It takes time :

Alot of parents always want super express results. But hey, it doesn’t work like that. See parenting as a case of sowing and reaping. No seed germinates immediately.

Put a tab on why you are worrying . Often we are comparing our children.

Worrying never got anything done. Find out where exactly the child is not improving and set goals and make plans on how to help your child grow that skills or build that character. Most of our desires for our children as parents fall under this two category-

  1. Skills
  2. Character

This things cannot be wish for you just have to work them . But often parent wish their children get better at a skill like laying their bed, when the wish hasn’t become. They become restless and begin worrying. Wishes don’t get things done. It’s goals and execution of it that does.

Get knowledge, expecting a new born to walk will keep you worrying for a least 9 -14 months before they walk. Sometimes we demand the impossible from our children. How much do you know about you child’s developmental milestones and sensitive period.

Stop the worrying.

Lots of๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Zee Obi

……..helping you maximize your children potential.

By Zee Obi

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